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Boiler services

In order to prolong the life of your boiler, it’s very important that you have it serviced annually. Yearly services are often a requirement so as to maintain your warranty and will help you identify any faults promptly. A service will also tell you how efficient your boiler is, lower your energy bills and most importantly, assure you that your system is safe.

Once we have serviced your boiler for the first time, we will add you to our client database and send you yearly reminders for when your next service is due.

What does a boiler service include?

Check boiler efficiency and make sure carbon monoxide levels are below the danger level
Visual inspection of the Boiler
Checking to ensure the gas and water pipes are adequately earth bonded
Drop test on gas pipe to check if there are any a gas leaks in the pipework or boiler
Check working pressures to ensure your enough gas is feeding your Boiler
Spillage check to make sure the flue is taking the products of combustion away and filters cleaned
Certificate for your records detailing any identified defects and action required or taken to resolve it

Service FAQs

How much does a boiler service cost?

From £70

Who should service a boiler?

Only a fully qualified, Gas Safe Registered engineer should service your boiler.

When should I have my boiler serviced?

It’s important to have your boiler serviced at least every 12 months and more often if you are experiencing any issues. While it can be serviced at any time of year, we recommend having it completed in the summer months so you can have peace of mind as the cold weather approaches.

Do I get a record of the Service?

There is a log book in the back of your boiler manual that we will fill in after servicing your boiler. If this is not available we will send you a copy of our record. 

✔️ Free Annual Reminders

✔️ Reporting of any underlying faults

✔️ Gas Safe Approved

✔️ Fully Qualified and Accredited Tradesmen

✔️ Building Regs and Health and Safety Compliant

✔️ Clean, Tidy Workmanship

✔️ Fully Insured Engineers

✔️ Over 25 years’ experience

✔️ Boiler Manual Benchmark Completed

✔️ Competitive Pricing

✔️ 1 Year Labour Guarantee

✔️ Checkatrade Guarantee up to £1000

✔️ Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

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